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Searching and Finding the Right Valentine’s Day ...

Searching and Finding the Right Valentine’s Day Gift for Her Featured Image

Oh boy! Here comes another Valentine’s day “disaster”!!!

This is how you feel for about two weeks prior to February 14th if you are something like me. At least that’s the way I feel since the WEB World came around.

Searching is sometimes confusing

Now, searching and shopping on the web can be as overwhelming as the mall, specifically for the shopping challenged like I am. Unless you have a particular gift idea exactly what you desire and need for your beloved one, wandering all the time if malls can really be much easier than searching an online shop. Even with high speed download clicking from page to page searching for gift ideas sometimes simply does not work.


What do you do? You have to get a plan and stick to it …

Let’s face is. Our normal issue is the lack of thought and preparation when it concerns Valentine’s Day. Flowers, chocolate, dinner out at the normal restaurant simply doesn’t cut it after the first few years. May be the same gift or dinner becomes a routine after few time. I will say that precious jewellery usually does work, but that does get quite expensive.

So, what is the right gift finding strategy ??..


The Valentine’s Gift Strategy

Here’s exactly what you can do sometimes.

Typically, if you are married or not and after the vacations, you and your other half start discussing where you may be interested in choosing your trip in the summertime. You will speak about cruises or getting a beach home, or taking the kids to Disney World (of course if you have kids). In some cases, you might even think about a drive to Italy (or any other place) to see the sightseeing. The thing I’ve discovered is that no matter where you plan to go to, you can discover numerous products and info online relating to your journey.


The first online stops

Your first online stop is Amazon.com.

Simply search for your destination or your topic. If you are considering a cruise for the very first time, there are numerous books detailing the “do’s” and “dont’s” when scheduling a cruise. The very same is true for air travel, or travel outside the country. You will discover paperbacks for under $15.

Or for example you want to travel to Rome or Paris. You can find excellent food delicacies and city specific items like French Perfumes or Italian designed coffee Cups.

Second stop is BN.com.

Try the exact same search as you did on Amazon. You’ll find many of the very same books and products (like videos, specific country items etc.), however they may have some others that will work.


No matter to which platform you are prepared to go, search first for your location in Google. You will discover free details on travel to almost ANY country and city in the world, and travel representatives will gladly send you more details on more unique and special places.

Now, bundle your new books, brochures, special country or city items, delicacies and videos together with the traditional Valentine’s day card together with flowers or chocolates (better from this country you want to go) and you have a gift that she’ll keep in mind all year long.

Normally, you can do all this for as little as 50-80 dollars or EUR. It’s a winner.


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