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How many luxury brands can create a flair of an ...


I believe the real luxury lifestyle must be deep-rooted in authenticity. If well-known luxury brands stray too far from their roots, they will become no more than bleached labels. In this article I want to explain, how famous firms can fill their luxury brands with a sense of lifestyle—and substance, also.


Let’s see some really good examples:

Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards lounging in his hotel suit with a branded custom guitar by his side. Very good indeed!

Zinedine Yazid Zidane, famous French football player, playing a game of table soccer, with his Louis Vuitton trolley hardly visible in the distance. The famous person and influencer and his lifestyle have to be shown and not so much the product.

The images of famous people, successfully create an amazing feeling of lifestyle, helping to articulate Louis Vuitton’s rich and authentic luxury brand identity or every other luxury brand. Everyone has a sense of what creates luxury. Defining lifestyle is not so easy, and it’s even trickier for brands to create it. Yet there are enormous rewards for doing so. Today, the combination of luxury and lifestyle is more popular than ever, and consumers and the press more and more perceive lifestyle as an element in luxury.

The full McKinsey (Business Consultants) business report about luxury lifestyle, “Luxury lifestyle: Business beyond buzzwords” describes with a lot of details the steps and basic principles companies need to follow, when are trying to infuse their luxury brand with a touch and feeling of lifestyle. First of all, it’s very important to understand that building a feeling of lifestyle is a very slow and evolutionary process that requires a lot of patience, care and costs. The companies have rushed into expanding both categories and message touchpoints without first defining their core values, just badly failed.

The most important consideration when a company starts communicating about luxury lifestyle is Authenticity. Normally lifestyle is the result of what we do and not the purpose. Manufactures which already know this, they really succeed.


Brands that successfully communicate lifestyle activities and messages use images that tell stories beyond this and not only about their product. These can include every day or special luxurious activities, pictures of cityscapes or other shares of the luxurious life. The brand’s products may be visible or maybe not, but they are not necessarily the centre of people’s attention. These lifestyle images and messages are transmitted to us not just through TV spots, reportages or style magazines, but across multiple online and mobile channels, including social media platforms and brand pages, blogs, influencers’ channels (Instagram, Youtube etc), and interactive mobile apps.

If you are connecting with the feeling of lifestyle or you want to connect with, I believe that is a very promising area for luxury brands. Customers and users are excited and absolute ready for products that beaming and communicate the feeling and idea of uniqueness and individuality, for something extremely special and authentic that will improve their lives and bring something more in it.

Brands that create and transmit to us these very special stories can increase their value many times over and be well-known and desirable.


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