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Christmas Toys Are For The Kids … Right?


The Best “Grown Up Children” Christmas Toys!

In my Christmas article I want to present you the most amazing irresistible kids’ toys out of Christmas most desired list of grown-up “children”.

Christmas utilized to be a time for the kids but now the adults seem taking control of. The top twelve toys this Christmas as recognized by the Toy Retailers Association include a suspiciously high number of toys targeted at larger kids. This obvious paradigm shift in the toy market should come as not a surprise– a short browse the internet reveals an entire market devoted to the taller toy consumer.

As UK toy stores get ready for the inescapable Christmas rush, their shelves are equipped not just with presents for children, but of stock on the desire list of an ever growing adult market.

A brief look at the most desired list for this Christmas reveals toys such as Robosapien V2

Christmas Toys



Christmas Toys




Christmas Toys



It does not take an industry specialist to speculate that these toys are focused on a demographic with full time tasks and high non reusable income instead of a demographic that watches Saturday early morning tv.

The rise of toys for “grown-ups” has been an increasing trend in the last few years and accompanies an increase in retro culture that controls the Movie and TV industries.


Toys coming from remakes of movies and television series

Remakes of movies and television series that interest an older audience mean that subsequent merchandising appeal to a matured audience who were fans of the series and films first time round– the noticeable presence of Star Wars toys and Doctor Who toys in UK toy store both online and offline show this “wave”.

The development of a two tier market catering for real kids and “huge kids” appears and will be particularly obvious in the busiest period for the toy market.

The marketplace for the older demographic has actually become significantly advanced over the last few years and had actually resulted in the specific targeting of the section especially through the marketing of innovation based toys such as the Robosapien V2, the Doctor Who Remote Control Dalek and the Roboraptor– dabble a limited appeal to those simply wears pants. Progressively, these toys permeate the market and toy shops aiming to capitalise on the big kids market.

It appears that this market is set to grow over the forthcoming years, representative of a larger cultural shift and impacting substantially on the toy market.

Whilst the toy market is still controlled by kids’ toys, it seems that Christmas toys are no longer just for the kids.


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