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A Luxury Automobile Only For You


I believe that everybody’s dream is an amazing car from a status brand with style, elegance and quality!

Now I have a question to you:

High-end automobile is a term that is extensively used, but does anybody really know exactly what it means?

When it comes to cars and trucks, high-end remains in the eye of the beholder. Some times what exactly an automobile dealership’s ad promotes as pure luxury may be is different from what a car rental agency classifies as a luxury car and truck, and both might conflict with your individual perception of exactly what a high-end automobile really is.

In economics, a high-end product is one that remains in higher need amongst individuals with greater earnings. A luxury car and truck is a status symbol, and status differs relying on the socioeconomic or the groups to which is proposed to.

A luxury car might simply indicate a expensive automobile. A glamorous auto might not necessarily be considered as a luxury automobile. For example, since of its high cost, a Hummer is frequently considered as a luxury vehicle, although the original Hummers are sturdy military trucks without focus on comfort.

A high-end car or truck might likewise simply be an automobile made by a manufacture well-known for its stylish brand and making luxury automobiles, even if the specific lorry is less costly than its typical designs. For example, all designs of Mercedes and Jaguars are considered to fall into this category, even the least pricey versions.

Many people, which love lifestyle and status, would agree that a car costing more than $100,000 would be thought about a high-end vehicle.

Practically, many automobiles made by Rolls Royce and Bentley, for instance, fall under that cost range. But these 2 companies offer exclusivity and that’s why everybody agrees that these are also high-end autos and many choose a Rolls Royse or Bentley to show their wealth and style.

Rich and famous people love high-performance autos such as sports cars, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and others. From the other side, sport cars like Corvettes and Vipers, are eminence automobiles, however not everybody would call them high-end cars.

An automobile might be glamorous by virtue of its amenities and its comfort level without being costly, even though to a lot of people a high-end suggests something they really can’t pay for.


Few of my high-end cars

Let’s be honest to you!

I’m rather spoiled when I have to choose a car or to say what car I like at most.

From the price-friendly V8-toting Ford Mustang, to the 197mph open-top Audi R8 Spyder, I’ve seen numerous amazing autos that attract the interest of all car-lovers the world over and over again.

But the launches of car models from well-known brands seem to continue. In our days we have cars that push luxury to new levels and burn a lot of fuel too.


Personally, I like sporty cars and bellow I’ll shortly present you few of the most exciting of them:

A huge love of mine is Ferrari Aperta. Ferrari created an open-top Aperta version by removing the roof of the basic version.  The adjusted aerodynamics and strengthened chassis ensure it’s as capable as the hardtop coupe. We can have it with a removable carbon fibre or fabric roof.

It’s not a surprise that all cars have already sold out to select Ferrari clients, including celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Another car that I find amazing is Ford GT. Now in its third generation, the new Ford GT is powered by an eco-friendlier V6 EcoBoost with 600hp.

Only 500 people will be able to buy the new $ 450,000 value Ford GT, making the carbon fibre supercar very desirable and very rare. If we miss out this opportunity we have to wait more than a year to buy one from the new production.

Another love of mine, that was born as a stunning concept at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2014 is the Maserati Alfieri. The name Alfieri comes from Alfieri Maserati who died 1944.

Another auto that can AWAKEN YOUR SENSES because is sportive and luxury is the version of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the Quadrifoglio and it’s inspired by Ferrari technologies and with all-wheel drive spinning all four wheels.

As everybody knows, there are plenty of open-top cars available in the market butt but few will offer the same 187mph top speed of the Mercedes-AMG GT roadster, which will be available with 467bhp or 557bhp from the same 4-litre twin-turbo V8.

The fabric roof will protect you from the elements of the nature and closes at the touch of a button in around 11 seconds at up to 31mph. This amazing auto has a fancy Nappa leather interior and numerous other Mercedes-Benz luxuries.

Let’s speak now about my beloved Lexus LC 500 which is the LFA supercar’s successor. It’s available in two types: a 473bhp V8 gas-guzzler that is sure to make happy the petrolheads, and a hybrid known as the 500h that cares more about the nature. Lexus LC 500 is sportier than every typical Lexus, and the same time it’s a very luxury like few other cars can.


These are few cars to build your luxury life style and enjoy it!!!



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